MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the leader in Mediterranean Cruise market, sailing throughout the year. We offer a wide range of seasonal itineraries in Northern Europe, the Canary Islands & Morocco, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean & Antilles, South America, UAE & Oman, the Indian Ocean, the South & West Africa.

MSC Cruises is a privately owned European company, employing approximately 15,500 staff around the world and present in 45 countries.

MSC Cruises was born in the Mediterranean and continues to draw inspiration from its roots, with the company’s distinctly Mediterranean way of life creating a unique experience for travellers around the world. The regions celebrated values of authenticity, humanity and warmth are at the heart of the MSC experience, from the unparalleled hospitality of MSC’s multi lingual crew, to delicious dining based on the concept that good food is our way of life and that eating is about quality and diversity, discovery and sharing.

With innovations in both exterior and interior designs earning prestigious awards for naval architects De Jorio Design International, MSC Cruises continues to set new standards in cruising.

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